Our Cables Are Tank-Proof

How much force can our cables withstand without losing signal? The XENOS W30 was tested to endure just over 450 kgf which translates to approximately 6400 psi or 44130 kPa.

How does that compare to the force exerted by everyday objects? Take a look at some examples below.

ObjectGround pressure (kPa)(psi)
Human on snowshoes3.50.5
Rubber-tracked ATV5.1650.75
Wheeled ATV13.82
Diedrich D-50 – T2 drilling rig26.23.8
Human male558
M1 Abrams tank10315
1993 Toyota 4Runner / Hilux Surf17025
Adult horse (550 kg, 1250 lb)17025
Bagger 288 excavation machine17025
Passenger car20530
Adult elephant24035
Mountain bicycle24540
Road racing bicycle62090
Stiletto heel3,250471

Source: Wikipedia

With the ability to withstand ~6400 psi you can run over our cables with the heaviest car you can find and your videos will still look perfect. In fact, you can even try a tank if you can get your hands on one. Oddly enough a tank exerts less pressure on the ground compared to a regular passenger car because of the relatively large area of the treads of a tank compared to that of four wheels on a car.

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